Schedule and Fees

Whitney Summer Academy 2020 consists of 7 camps and two sessions of classes. Some camps are part-day and allow enrolling into classes as well. Other camps are taking a full day but run for only 1 week, providing an option to enroll into other camps and classes during other weeks. Each of two sessions of classes allows students to enroll into up to four classes.

1st session of classes is Monday June 15 to Tuesday June 30, and 2nd session is Wednesday July 1 to Friday July 17 (with Friday July 3 off). All classes are modular, so that a student can sign up for a class in only one session (to take half of the class’s program), or take both sessions of the same class (to have the entire curriculum). Note that classes in different periods within one session offer same material (e.g. Math 7 class running at 8am and the same class running at 10:15am); but 1st and 2nd sessions don’t repeat the same material. If a student can attend both sessions, we recommend signing up for the same class in both sessions.

Special start and end dates apply to Camps – 2 Performing Arts Camps, 2 RoboCamps, 2 Ceramics Camps and 1 STEM Camp – see their dates below, along with the Camp description.

Each session runs for 12 days, with Saturdays and Sundays off. A day consists of three periods, to which most classes are aligned:

  • Early morning (8:00am-10:00am), ending with a 15-minute break
  • Late morning (10:15am-12:15pm), ending with a 30-minute lunch break
  • Afternoon (12:45pm-2:45pm), ending with a student pick-up or an optional extended 1-hour activities session for 2:45-3:45pm

Every student needs to be picked up no later than 3:55pm.

The price for regular Summer Academy classes (except Camps) is $100 enrollment fee for each student, plus $160 per each class. The enrollment fee is waived for siblings, or if the student is already enrolled in any of the Camps.

Performing Arts Camp will cost $350 for the first student, then $250 for each sibling.

RoboCamp costs $250 with an early bird discount (if paid before May 1), then $325 per student (discounted to $300 per student if a family signs up 2 or more students, or the student signs up for both sessions).

STEM Camp, Ceramics Jr. Camp and Ceramics Camp cost $250 with an early bird discount (if paid before May 1), then $300 per student (discounted to $275 per student if a family signs up 2 or more students).

Email us if you have special circumstances, such as travel or other commitments – we will work with you to see if we can accommodate your situation – but please note that we will not be offering fees pro-ration for days the student will need to miss.

Very limited number of full or partial scholarships will be considered on the need basis, via recommendation from Whitney school office, based on the need and merit. Also, Whitney High Foundation will be donating a limited number of scholarships to all ABC USD district schools, to be granted on merit and/or need basis per each school’s discretion.

Enrollment confirmation and tuition payment

Once you select the classes and complete the tuition payment, you will receive a confirmation and Whitney Summer Academy enrollment team will receive your registration. As a registered participant of Whitney Summer Academy program, you will be receiving all updates and additional information, including the detailed program guidelines sent 3-5 days prior to the program start.

Cancellations policy:
– Whitney High Summer Academy will refund 100% of payments for the enrollments that were cancelled before June 1, after applying $20 cancellation fee. Partial cancellation of enrollments will be processed as full cancellation of the package, then enrollment in a different package using most up-to-date prices and discounts.
– Starting June 1, cancellations not initiated by Whitney High Summer Academy will not be refunded. Exceptional circumstances would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and and refunds will be made at sole discretion of Whitney High Summer Academy.
– If any cancellations of enrollments are initiated by Whitney High Summer Academy, full refund will be made and the cancellation fee will be waived.

2 thoughts on “Schedule and Fees”

  1. Hello, I enrolled my daughter for Performing Arts camp (Aladdin Jr.)
    If want to enroll my daughter to another class, do I need to pay the enrollment fee of $100?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Johanna – the enrollment fee is waived for the students who are already enrolled (or enrolling at the same time) in any of the Whitney Summer Academy camps. Please choose the option “enrollment fee waived” and we’ll register your daughter in the other classes. Please make sure there is no schedule conflict between the Performing Arts Camp and the other class(es). E.g. with the morning Performing Arts Camp the afternoon classes will work; with afternoon camp, early morning and late morning classes will work.

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