Schedule and Fees

There are two sessions in 2017 Whitney Summer Academy: 1st session is Monday June 26 to Friday July 7, and 2nd session is Monday July 10 to Friday July 21. Most classes are modular, with each session available as a self-sufficient class (with best benefit from taking both sessions as the modules build upon each other).

Each session runs for two weeks, Monday through Friday (except July 4th Independence Day holiday).
A day consists of three periods, to which most classes are aligned:

  • Early morning (8:00am-10:00am), ending with a 15-minute break
  • Late morning (10:15am-12:15pm), ending with a 30-minute lunch break (please bring your lunch)
  • Afternoon (12:45pm-2:45pm), ending with a student pick-up or an optional extended 1-hour activities session for 2:45-3:45pm

Every student needs to be picked up no later than 3:55pm.

The price is $200 for one session, one class – and we offer significant discounts for signing up for two sessions and/or multiple classes:

1 session (2 weeks) 2 sessions (4 weeks)
1 class $200 (full price) $315 ($85 off)
2 classes $315 ($85 off) $570 ($230 off)
3 classes $445 ($155 off) $770 ($430 off)

Any siblings (after the first student enrolled) will get a $100 discount to make it more affordable for larger families. Immediately after we open the enrollment on March 17 and through April 15, we are offering additional early bird discounts – $20 per student. Email us if you have special circumstances, such as travel or other commitments – we will work with you to see if we can accommodate your situation.

Cancellations policy:
– Whitney High Summer Academy will refund 100% of payments for the enrollments that were cancelled before June 1. Partial cancellation of enrollments will be processed as full cancellation of the package, then enrollment in a different package using most up-to-date prices and discounts.
– Starting June 1, cancellations not initiated by Whitney High Summer Academy will not be refunded. Exceptional circumstances would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and and refunds will be made at sole discretion of Whitney High Summer Academy.
– If any cancellations of enrollments are initiated by Whitney High Summer Academy, full refund will be made.

78 thoughts on “Schedule and Fees

  1. We plan to travel as a family from 6/15 to 6/27/16. If our kids attend the sessions, how will the tuition be adjusted? Is there any robotic class during this summer? Thanks.

    1. Hi Ying – not all of the classes may be able to accommodate multiple days of absence. Depending on your selection of classes, we’ll review it with the teachers to ensure that starting classes after your return will benefit your child (which may require some kind of home assignment that the teacher will be able to send you before your travel, so your student comes ready to merge the class). If this arrangement works, we’ll pro-rate your tuition for the number of days your kid will be able to take classes. As for Robotics, we expect the camp to be similar to last years (3 one-week camps of increasing complexity). We should know of the timing for Robotics camps shortly.

  2. I am interested in enrolling my student in your Geometry 1 class. However, her last day of school is June 22, and I noticed that your Summer Session begins June 21. Will missing the first 2 days be an issue, or can other arrangements be made so that she can receive the information online during the missed days.

    1. Hi Belinda – for the Geometry class, we can have the teacher help your student get up to speed by giving a home assignment (in lieu of first two days) that can be done in the weekend prior. This way, an hour or so of review done in advance will help get most value of the class and start it without the stress of catching up. Let us know if you’d like to pursue that option.

  3. My student is interested in the MUN class and Study skills class but has a prior commitment on 6/29, 6/30 & 7/1. Can this be worked out?

    1. Hi Michelle – yes, we can accommodate 3 days of absence. We will agree with Mr. Rosenberg who will teach both classes to give the student assignments to complete instead of attending those days.

      1. I enrolled my daughter and paid; however, I am not sure I entered the discount code for two classes, only for early registration. Also, do I need to follow with Mr. Rosenberg or will you let him know about the 3 days? Thank you!

        1. Hi Michelle – we processed the enrollment and charged tuition fee using both discounts (for the package of 2 classes and the early bird one). As for your need to skip 3 days and get an assignment instead, we have left a note to Mr. Rosenberg. Feel free to communicate the details of the accommodation you need with Mr. Rosenberg directly as well, if you prefer so.

  4. As of now, my child is in Math I. Since she’s not in Math I Plus Honors, she currently is only eligible to be in Math II, but she wants to be able to take a bridge course to be in Math II Plus Honors next year (her sophomore year). So which class (or classes) would help her learn the material needed in order to take part in that class for the next year?

    1. Hi John – please note that Whitney Summer Academy classes are different from the bridge class your student would have to complete to transition to Math II Plus. Hence, Summer Academy wouldn’t be able to clear the requirement for your daughter. However, depending on your student’s strengths and weaknesses, taking Summer Academy Math II Algebra Focus or Math II Geometry Proofs would make next year a lot easier to count a success. If your daughter feels less confident in Geometry, consider Geometry Proofs class. If she would like to improve on Algebra then Algebra Focus class may be very helpful to hit the ground running next year – especially if she does transfer to a more challenging Math II Plus curriculum.

  5. I am looking for enrolling my son to the summer Robotics class. Could you email me when I can start the registration ? I missed last year and I wanted to start early this year. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kuang – Whitney Robotics class (RoboCamp) is open for registration. Please hurry up, as the spots are limited and tend to be sold out well before June. You can register your son at RoboCamp web site The site is down at this moment, so you can email the RoboCamp team at, and they should be able to process your son’s enrollment via email. Unfortunately we can’t help you directly as Summer Academy office doesn’t have access to RoboCamp enrollments – but we are happy to refer you to the RoboCamp team. Also, if your son would like to also enroll in Summer Academy classes, this year we can accommodate the time he will be attending RoboCamp (typically 1 week), and schedule your Summer Academy classes around it.

  6. Are all the classes running through Monday to Friday except that the first week starts on Tuesday June 21? Thanks

    1. Hi Jenni – all classes run Monday through Friday, except first week’s Monday (classes start on Tuesday) and July 4th (which is a holiday).

  7. I just registered my son for Algebra I, critical reading and writing I, and speech and debate. I forgot to put into 3 class discount code 3c.
    Also, we will be traveling from 6/22-24. Please provide me with home assignment when we travel.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Ying – we have applied the discount code and made a mark on the enrollment to send an assignment to catch up with first three missed days.

      1. Thank you! Can you please email me the invoice so I can pay?

        1. Sure – but you need first to clarify your student’s name and current grade. Please see an email with the questions in you mailbox. Once we have all the needed information, we will be able to process the enrollment and the invoice will be in your email shortly.

  8. Hi! I was wondering a little bit about the performing arts camp. Is there a performance at the end? My daughter is interested in joining, but we are on vacation on July 13th-17th and i wanted to make sure that these days weren’t important and that if she missed them, it would be ok. Please get to me as soon as possible. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kim-Hoang, there is indeed a performance in the end of the Performing Arts Camp. This performance is a key element of the program, with all the 18 days of the Camp serving to prepare for the wonderful performance in the end, where kids play a Broadway-style musical on a Broadway-class scene. Unfortunately, missing the end of the last week would be prevent your student from participating in the performance, thus making the whole program lack its key element for you. If you can’t move your vacation dates, we would recommend not to sign up for this year’s Performing Arts Camp.

  9. Is it too late to register? I am interested in the Study Skills and English class.

    1. Hi Jessica – it’s not too late to register. Study Skills and all English classes still have seats available as of today (5/17/16).

  10. I just signed up for 2 classes and it says it will send me an invoice. Can I pay this invoice online? Will there be a link on the invoice? I would like to pay as soon as possible so that I don’t lose the space. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Jessica – you will receive an invoice via email shortly, as soon as we process the enrollment request. You will be able to pay it online. Don’t worry about the space – you have priority since you have already sent the enrollment request.

  11. Hello, what are the grades for targeted students? Thanks.

    1. Hi Cindy – recommended grade levels vary by the classes. Performing Arts Camp takes students from 8 to 16 years old. Most other classes (except specifically noted) would work best for students currently enrolled in 6th grade or above. Higher level classes (level II) are typically best for current 7th, 8th or 9th grade students depending on their track. We are reviewing exceptional cases for younger students as well – based on our experience there are students who are three years younger but are ready to take more advanced classes. Write to our email if you’d like to review your student’s situation and let us help you select best-matching classes.

  12. If my child will be out of town June 20-24, is there a prorated price I can pay?

    1. Yes, if your student has to miss the first week, most classes will be able to accommodate the absence and we will pro-rate the tuition to 75% to reflect it.

      1. awesome~will decide which classes by tonight.

  13. As a Whitney alumna, I would love to have my kid attend the Whitney summer academy. However, we are currently living overseas and school here doesn’t end until June 30. Can my kid still join the Math 8 and MUN for 2 weeks starting in July 5, and is the tuition pro-rated?

    1. Hi Jennie – thank you for keeping ties with Whitney! Yes, both Math 8 and MUN classes support partial enrollment. We can enroll your student for just two weeks and will pro-rate the tuition to 50%. Please enroll up through the web site and add add the comment about the need to start on July 5, so we process it properly and ask the teachers to prepare pre-assignments for your kid to have easier time catching up with the class on July 5.

  14. Thank you for the good news and keeping things flexible.

  15. Hi! We are interested in the Debate and Public Speaking class as well as Robocamp. Will we qualify for the multi-session discount? How many days per week is the Debate class? Also, she will miss the beginning, June 21 thru June 24, of Debate due to Robocamp, is there a makeup or something similar for the missed days?

    1. Hi Dinh – Debate and Public Speaking class can accommodate your daughter’s concurrent enrollment in Robocamp LEGO. She will be missing the first week of Debate and Public Speaking, but we will work with the teacher to give her an assignment to help catch up with the rest of the class. As these programs are not fully integrated, your daughter would not qualify for the multi-session discount; however to help with the financial part of it we will pro-rate her tuition fee for Debate and Public Speaking to 75% of full 4-week tuition. Feel free to enroll via our web site, and leave a comment referring to the enrollment in Robocamp.

  16. Thank you for your reply. How many days per week does the Debate and Public Speaking meeting?

    1. Dinh, Debate and Public Speaking (as well as all other Whitney Summer Academy classes) meet five days a week, Monday through Friday. The only exception is July 4th, which is an observed holiday.

  17. I see. Thank you very much.

  18. Hi, I would like to enroll my two girls into your performing arts program but we will miss the first week of camp. Will it still be possible for them to participate? Will they receive a sibling discount? Can the tuition be prorated? Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Hi Linda – yes, we can accommodate enrolling one week late. Please sign up for the morning session then – it will be easier to find the roles there that will work with the kids’ missing the first week of Performing Arts Camp. We will give the siblings discount, and will also pro-rate the fee (it will be 75% of normal for attending 3 weeks out of 4).

      1. thank you so much for such a quick reply. I will enroll them promptly.

  19. The status of the class we registered shows “on hold”. What does this mean? And we haven’t received the invoice yet.

    1. “On hold” means that we couldn’t process the enrollment. We missed key information and requested it. Lacking the response, we canceled the enrollment.
      If you’d like to reinstate the enrollment, please let us know via email We will need your student’s name, current grade level and school of attendance.

  20. Since my child will only be enrolled the latter two weeks. When will she get her homework for the first two weeks to prep? We will be out of town and was hoping to get that.

    Also, can you verify if the classes are full for both classes she has enrolled in? Thanks~

    1. Hi Sun – the teachers will be sending assignments during the couple of days before the classes, over the email. If you leave for a trip earlier, please consider the opportunity to get the tasks through emails (most hotels would connect you to Internet and let print out a few pages). As for Taylor’s classes, both of them have a healthy number of students enrolled (though both can accept a few more).

  21. are there history and science classes for upcoming 8th graders?

    1. In History area, we offer Model United Nations Bootcamp – it is excellent for upcoming 8th graders, especially those who may consider MUN track through high school. In Science, we don’t offer classes such as Biology, Chemistry or Physics, but our Math Competitions II class develops approaches to solve complex scientific problems that would be very useful in higher grade levels, especially for students interested in science competitions (like Intel and Google ones). Also, for those interested in a STEM track, we offer joint programs with Whitney’s renown Robotics Camp. Please drop us an email if you’d like to discuss these options in more details.

  22. Hi I have 2 kids going to 8th grid and 9th grade wanted to enroll the 8th grader in programming and 9th grader for bridge course in math . Hope Iam not too late .also will be traveling to India on 3rd July so can only do for 2 weeks is it possible

    1. Hi Parul – it’s not too late to enroll in Intro to Programming I or II. Please go ahead and sign up on our web site (put it in comments that you need only first two weeks so that we prorate the tuition and let the teacher know). As for the need for the bridge class in Math, please check if the Math classes we offer are what you need (Summer Academy classes are for enrichments and to give students a head start; formal Math Bridge classes aligned with transitions between Math and Math Plus curriculum are run by ABC USC on a different schedule). If Summer Academy Math classes is what you need, we still have available spots and you can sign up this week.

  23. Will we be receiving any instructions for the first day of class? I.e. Classroom number.. Teacher name.. Where to go? Also, will the gate behind the field that connects Whitney and Cerritos Park East be open during summer so kids can enter from the back?

    thank you!

    1. Hi Jessica – the material will start coming this evening. Please expect to receive your start pack with finalized times, room numbers, teacher names and a few important details about the first day either tonight or tomorrow. As for the back gate, we don’t think we will be able to keep it open – sorry, the campus will be running on a minimum schedule.

      1. Will the materials be coming though us mail or email? Haven’t received anything in the mail so far.

        1. Hi Jessica – the First Day Information package was sent to you on Thursday 6/16/16 at 5:35pm. Please check your spam/junk folder. Let us know if you can’t find it, we will resend then.

  24. I just registered my son for the math 8 class. How do I pay for the class? Also, we will be out of town for a week in July. Will tuition be prorated? Please let me know. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jennipher – we have processed the registration and sent you an invoice via email. Please pay it via your credit card or Paypal account.
      The tuition fee was pro-rated to account for the week your son will need to take off.

  25. Hi, I would like to register my son to the Intro Programming I and II , is it possible? Or he can only take one at a time? if this is the case, can he skip I and take II instead? what will be the prerequirement for taking Programming II? I really wish he can take both classes in summer.

    1. We would not recommend taking both Intro Into Programming I and II because II build on I, so it would be either too stretching in the second class, or too easy in the first.
      There are no formal pre-requisites for the second course, so if your son feels well-prepared with basics of programming, we can approve him to take the second course this year. Then, if he starts feeling overwhelmed, the teacher would help him shift to the first class. Or, at his choice, Mr. Hsieh could recommend him extra exercises/books to catch up with the second course’s material.
      Let us know if you’d prefer to discuss it over phone – it sounds like your son has well-defined goals se we’d like to better understand his situation so that we can better help him.

  26. Hi I have a question for the senior academy-on the 8/15 college trip, is it not included in the fee of $300? the period is from 8/1-8/15, if student decides not to go to the UC-SD college trip, does that means session ends on 8/14?

    1. The college trip is not included in the Summer Senior Academy fee, it’s a separate $25 fee for it to cover the expenses. If you chose not to sign up for the trip, the last day of the Senior Summer Academy (Friday 8/12/16) would be freed up.

  27. I just registered the Senior Academy class, but the payment method is ‘Send me an invoice’, how do I pay this online through my credit card so I wont miss this class? thanks

    1. Hi Judy – it takes us an hour or two to process most enrollments. Once it’s processed, you will get an electronic invoice in your email. Then you will be able to pay it using a credit card or your Paypal account.

  28. Is it too late to sign up? Also my child is joining the MUN program but cannot attend the first week. Will it still be beneficial to join and will they still send make-up work over email?

    1. Hi Heeja – it’s not too late to sign up for MUN Bootcamp – we can accommodate two more students. It’s not perfect missing the first week, but the teacher would help catch up with the class once your students starts in the second week. We will also pro-rate your tuition to adjust for the week your student would be missing.

  29. Hi, Do I still have time to enroll my daughter for your classes that will start tomorrow? She will be in Math II Honor and English Honor II in Cerritos High School as a sophomore this Fall 2016. When I called WHS earlier @ Ext. 22300, I was referred to this website and he mentioned that my daughter might benefit from the Bridge to Math II+ class which I do not see listed on your schedule. Please help in recommending me which class might benefit her more for next year. I am considering Math II Geometry and Critical Writing & Reading II but the schedule time are the same at 10:00 so any suggestions please. I am aware today might be the last day to enroll so hopefully someone can get back to me soon. Thank you so much or I can also be reached at 657-278-4485 work phone or cel 562-556-1907.

    1. Hi Betty – yes, you can enroll your daughter in Whitney Summer Academy today. The classes we would recommend for your daughter’s level are: Math II Algebra Focus (8am-10am), Math II Geometry Proofs (10:15am-12:15pm) and Critical Writing and Reading II (10:15am-12:15pm). You would need to select one class for 10:15am session based on your daughter’s priorities. If your priority is in Math area, we would suggest taking both Math II classes (Algebra and Geometry) to help your daughter start next school year very strong. Then, if you’d like to keep focus on Language Arts as well, we have a few open spots in 12:45pm Debate and Public Speaking class. Debate and Public Speaking is less directly connected to the core program, but can open new facets of effectively using the language, and inspire more passion (and success) for years of studying Language Arts to come.

  30. Hi,

    I would like to enroll in the Senior Academy. However, how would I ask for a scholarship? Would I do it through the invoice option before checkout?

    1. Hi Marjorie – registration for the class is independent from the scholarship part. Once you register, you will get an invoice for tuition payment. If you feel that the tuition is difficult to pay in your circumstances, let us know about the circumstances via email, and we will review what we can do. At this time we only consider granting need-based scholarships.

  31. so if my child wants to cancel their classes today no refund will be made? not even partial refund?

    1. Hi Tyrone – our refund policy states that no refunds are made after June 1. However if you see the reasons why you should get a refund, let us know your situation via and we’ll review together if we can make an exception from the refunds policy. To help us consider your situation, make sure to provide sufficient details and attach your phone number to the email.

  32. so if I cancel my child’s class today, no refund will be made? not even partial refund?

    1. Hi Tyrone – our refund policy states that no refunds are made after June 1. However if you see the reasons why you should get a refund, let us know your situation via and we’ll review together if we can make an exception from the refunds policy. To help us consider your situation, make sure to provide sufficient details and attach your phone number to the email.

  33. Hi! Just learned abouth this summer camp. I have an upcoming 8th grader. Was wondering if its too late to register for classes. Interested in a math and/or english.

    1. Hi Ana – you can still register your student to start next week. Select the classes you’d like to sign up for, and when we process the registration we will pro-rate the tuition to 75% (as your student will be missing the first week).

  34. Hi , can I enroll my son in math 2 and English class now?

    1. Hi Patel – yes, you can enroll your son for the remaining two weeks of the Summer Academy. Please register via our web site or let us know via which exact sessions you’d like to get your son enrolled in.

  35. I just enrolled my son for summer academy ,when should I expect the invoice and since he is added but not payed yet will he be attending the classes from 5-8?

    1. Hi Gowri – yes, we allow two-week attendance this year. We have processed your request and sent you the invoice.

  36. I have a friend who used to live here, however has moved to taiwan. Though my friend is a citizen, his 12 year old child isn’t. He is planning to come here next year with his child for the summer, and wants to ask if his child is eligible to go here despite her not having citizenship.

  37. I have a friend who used to live here. Though my friend is a citizen, his 12 year old child isn’t. He is planning to come here next year from taiwan with his child for the summer, and wants to ask if his child is eligible to go here despite her not having citizenship.

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