Schedule and Fees

There are two sessions in 2017 Whitney Summer Academy: 1st session is Monday June 26 to Friday July 7, and 2nd session is Monday July 10 to Friday July 21. Most classes are modular, with each session available as a self-sufficient class (with best benefit from taking both sessions as the modules build upon each other). Note that first and second sessions don’t repeat each other – instead, second session builds upon the first.

Each session runs for two weeks, Monday through Friday (except July 4th Independence Day holiday).
A day consists of three periods, to which most classes are aligned:

  • Early morning (8:00am-10:00am), ending with a 15-minute break
  • Late morning (10:15am-12:15pm), ending with a 30-minute lunch break (please bring your lunch)
  • Afternoon (12:45pm-2:45pm), ending with a student pick-up or an optional extended 1-hour activities session for 2:45-3:45pm

Every student needs to be picked up no later than 3:55pm.

The price is $200 for one session, one class – and we offer significant discounts for signing up for two sessions and/or multiple classes:

1 session (2 weeks) 2 sessions (4 weeks)
1 class $200 (full price) $315 ($85 off)
2 classes $315 ($85 off) $570 ($230 off)
3 classes $445 ($155 off) $770 ($430 off)

Any siblings (after the first student enrolled) will get a $100 discount to make it more affordable for larger families. Immediately after we open the enrollment on March 17 and through April 15, we are offering additional early bird discounts – $20 per student. Email us if you have special circumstances, such as travel or other commitments – we will work with you to see if we can accommodate your situation.

Cancellations policy:
– Whitney High Summer Academy will refund 100% of payments for the enrollments that were cancelled before June 1. Partial cancellation of enrollments will be processed as full cancellation of the package, then enrollment in a different package using most up-to-date prices and discounts.
– Starting June 1, cancellations not initiated by Whitney High Summer Academy will not be refunded. Exceptional circumstances would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and and refunds will be made at sole discretion of Whitney High Summer Academy.
– If any cancellations of enrollments are initiated by Whitney High Summer Academy, full refund will be made.

4 thoughts on “Schedule and Fees

  1. Hello! I submitted my choices for summer session 1 for my son and I have not yet received an invoice. Could someone look into this for me?

    1. Sorry Jenny – we will review it today. Expect to get the invoice by tomorrow, Saturday 4/29/17.

  2. Hi Whitney Foundation,

    I am trying to enroll my son for multiple classes for this summer, but when i tried the discount code at checkout it doesn’t get applied to the total, please let me know if i can still checkout and later will be reimbursed, or is this a website issue and needs to be fixed. Here are the classes i would like to enroll for this summer (2017):

    Math I Algebra Foundation Module I (6/26-7/7) 8am
    1 × $200
    PlaceholderTime Management and Study Skills Module I (6/26-7/7) 10:15am
    1 × $200
    PlaceholderOutdoor Activities I (6/26-7/7) 2:45pm-3:45pm
    1 × $50
    Math I Algebra Foundation Module II (7/10-7/21) 8am
    1 × $200
    PlaceholderOutdoor Activities II (7/10-7/21) 2:45pm-3:45pm
    1 × $50
    PlaceholderTime Management and Study Skills Module II (7/10-7/21) 10:15am
    1 × $200
    MUN (Model United Nations) Module I (6/26-7/7) 12:45pm
    1 × $200
    MUN (Model United Nations) Module II (7/10-7/21) 12:45pm
    1 × $200

    Subtotal: $1,300
    Discount code applied: 6c – 6 classes ($430 off)
    Also are there other discounts that can be applied? Also does the summer program end on 07/21/2017, what about August, will there be more courses offered in August?

    Anu Srinivasan.

    1. Anu, thank you for explaining the issue in such great details. Please go ahead and submit the registration – even if the discount code doesn’t apply well, we will apply it manually and send you an invoice for the discounted tuition. It will also help us understand if something in the web site broke down.
      A for the time after 7/21, we won’t be able to run more classes this year because Whitney campus will be closed for maintenance. We are working on extending the Summer Academy program next year, but this year we’ve got only 4 weeks available for students.

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