Time Management and Study Skills Module I (6/26-7/7) 10:15am



One of the most repeated phrases that teachers share with students is “study smarter”. But how does one study “smarter”? This course is designed to teach just that and is a must for any student determined to make the new school year count. It goes beyond simple lists of “do’s and don’ts” and focuses on strategies that really work. Students enrolled in the study skills class will learn and practice different techniques that will cut hours of study time from their work year, yet will help them retain what they’ve learned permanently! We will also deal with and teach techniques to help eliminate test anxiety, expert test-taking strategies, cutting-edge memorization techniques, and how to finally conquer procrastination and get motivated, even at times when you don’t feel like it! Open to all students determined to make next year their best academically, but especially recommended for those just entering Middle School or High School for the first time.

Module 1 starts Monday June 26 and ends Friday July 7.


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