Robocamp LEGO Advanced 8:00am-3:00pm (7/9-7/13)


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Learn and apply advanced LEGO Mindstorms techniques. You will learn advanced LEGO robotics concepts such as sensors, quick attachment configurations, modular programming, and a more in-depth understanding of the engineering design process. Like the basic LEGO Robocamp class, this camp culminates in a fun competition game challenge that can utilize all the concepts from the course.

The prerequisite for this camp is prior attendance in a WHS LEGO Robocamp.

Students will work on the Whitney campus, designing, building, and programming their very own robot for an exciting finale camp competition. This enables cooperative participation and a hands-on learning experience with the engineering process, mathematical and scientific concepts, FIRST core values, and teamwork and leadership skills.

Snacks are provided, and a Subway lunch (sandwich + chips + cookie) is available for an additional $30 per camp, or $6/day (let us know in registration comments if you would like to add lunch to the registration). The camp starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM every day.

This is a special class, with its own schedule of 3 available camps:

  • June 18-22 (LEGO) – recommended for grades 5-9
  • June 25-29 (VEX) – recommended for grades 7-12
  • July 9-13 (LEGO Advanced) – recommended for more experienced students of grades 5-9

Reduced price $225 per camp is valid through April 30, then $300 per camp ($500 for 2 camps, $750 for 3 camps).

See more details on Whitney Robotics web siteĀ

Note the class takes all slots available for other Summer Academy classes in the fourth week, so no other Part 2 (7/5-7/20) classes can be taken with it. Part 1 Summer Academy classes (6/18-7/3) can be added to this special class.