Robocamp LEGO 8:00am-3:00pm (6/18-6/22)

$300 $225

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Create unique robots with LEGO Mindstorms. In this camp, you will learn the basics of LEGO robotics, as well as how to design, construct, and program your very own robot for an exciting mission-based competition. Basic engineering concepts, such as gear ratios and structural integrity, will be covered.

You will also learn how to program your robot using the EV3 platform to complete advanced tasks without human control. No prior experience in LEGO is necessary.

Students will work on the Whitney campus, designing, building, and programming their very own robot for an exciting finale camp competition. This enables cooperative participation and a hands-on learning experience with the engineering process, mathematical and scientific concepts, FIRST core values, and teamwork and leadership skills.

Snacks are provided, and a Subway lunch (sandwich + chips + cookie) is available for an additional $30 per camp, or $6/day (let us know in registration comments if you would like to add lunch to the registration). The camp starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM every day.

This is a special class, with its own schedule of 3 available camps:

  • June 18-22 (LEGO) – recommended for grades 5-9
  • June 25-29 (VEX) – recommended for grades 7-12
  • July 9-13 (LEGO Advanced) – recommended for more experienced students of grades 5-9

Reduced price $225 per camp is valid through April 30, then $300 per camp ($500 for 2 camps, $750 for 3 camps).

See more details on Whitney Robotics web site

Note the class takes all slots available for other Summer Academy classes in the first week, so no other Part 1 (6/18-7/3) classes can be taken with it. Part 2 Summer Academy classes (7/5-7/20) can be added to this special class.