Hands-on Physics Module I (6/26-7/7) 8am



High school Physics is reserved for upper grades because much of the Physics requires advanced Math. But you don’t need to wait to learn if science is a great path for you. Try Physics before High School – those parts that don’t rely on Calculus, but instead tells you fun facts about everyday life, and then reveals how it works. The course is best to be taken by upcoming 7th or 8th graders.

Part 1: Forces & Motion

  • Basic Kinematics: Displacement, Velocity, & Motion Graphs
  • Forces: Free Fall, Friction, & Free Body Diagrams
  • Projectile Motion: Parabolic Motion, Independent Axes, & Extrapolation
  • Statics: Center of Mass, Stress, & Strain
  • Circular & Rotational Motion: Centripetal Force & Torque

Part 2: Conserved Quantities

  • Energy: Transformations, Potential, & Food
  • Mechanical Energy: Position, Loops, & Work
  • Momentum: Inertia, Conservation, & Rotation
  • Collisions: Impulse, Crumple Zones, & Crash Safety

Teacher: Eamon Marchant, Whitney

Module 2 starts Monday June 26 and ends Friday July 7.


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