MUN (Model United Nations) Module II (7/10-7/21) 12:45pm



Model United Nations (MUN) is fast becoming the “go to” course all over Southern California for students who want to explore World Affairs, International Relations, Speech, and Debate. Great for any student who is going into or thinking about going into MUN in high school, it is also the perfect jumping off place for careers in international business, law, and government! Students will learn about the fundamentals of the United Nations system, how to prepare and give speech, caususing, and how to research and write a “position paper”. In addition, students will have the opportunity to compete in an actual MUN conference this summer with other students in the Southern California area. Open to all students interested in world affairs, speech and debate, but especially for those who are planning to go into MUN next school year.

Week 3: MUN Presentation Skills
Day 10: Research session
Day 11: How to write and give a speech
Day 12: Speech practice and assessment
Day 13: Writing resolutions
Day 14: Writing resolutions; committee procedure

Week 3: In-Class Committee
Day 15: Committee Day 1
Day 16: Committee Day 2
Day 17: Committee Day 3
Day 18: Committee Day 4
Day 19: Committee Day 5
Each class session will begin with a review and discussion about the day’s news.

There is a 5-minute break at the hour.

Module 2 starts Monday July 10 and ends Friday July 21.


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