Multimedia and Creative Writing Module I (6/26-7/7) 8am



Teacher: Keerthi Chandrashekar, Whitney Alum, Freelance Journalist

This workshop will focus on the process of communicating ideas, emotions, and information through writing. Students will be exposed to various forms of writing like poetry, creative fiction, creative non-fiction, journalism, and essays. Through studying authors such as Joan Didion, Kurt Vonnegut, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, and lyricists like Bob Dylan, the students will learn about the creative process and the importance of the First Amendment. The class will also explore the impact and environment of digital media – social media, a news article, a blog, or a tweet – on writing.

Students will be required to complete a final piece through a medium of their choosing, whether it’s a poem, blog post, essay, or personal statement.


Module 1 starts Monday June 26 and ends Friday July 7.


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