Math 7 Headstart Part 1 (6/18-7/3) 10:15am



Students in this class will develop an understanding of ratios and proportional relationship; which include percent problems, solving problems involving scale drawings, and graphing proportional relationships. In addition, students study operations with rational numbers and work with expressions and linear equations to solve problems. Geometric constructions are introduced as well as two and three-dimensional shapes in order to solve problems involving area, surface area, and volume. If time permits, we will also introduce systems of linear equations and scale drawings.

The class will move at the pace of the students’ abilities, meaning that I will attempt to provide an overview of all Math 7 topics, but will spend more time on the topics that students have difficulty understanding.

During the first module, the focus of the class will be on the foundations of algebra, such as solving equations and inequalities with variables, including fractions and decimals, as well as solving word problems involving proportions and percents.

Teacher: to be announced later

Part 1 starts Monday June 18 and ends Tuesday July 3.