Integrated Science Part 2 (7/5-7/20) 10:15am


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Integrated Science is a holistic study of the Universe, from the Big Bang to early life to modern society to the potentials of the future. In the study of Integrated Science, students will get to synthesize fundamental academic skills from all subject matter, integrating the data analysis and critical reading and writing necessary to study this unique combination of Science and Social Science. This course will be taught via hands-on activities, and readings and other media sources provided by

Though the material is complex, highly motivated students as early as 8th grade could successfully complete the course with a deep understanding of the topics presented. The course follows through all of history, with an emphasis on the 8 different events where complexity arose in the Universe. It starts with the Big Bang and an overview of how scientists today study an event billions of years past. From there, students will learn the basics of Chemistry as they learn about the first elements and how they fused into massive early stars.

Part 1 of the course wraps up with the formation of our solar system and how the process of dying stars led to the fundamental elements that allowed the beginnings of life.

Part 2 of the course starts at the beginnings of life and the biological and ecological processes that led to early humans. Then students will compare and contrast early civilizations that arose due to the beginnings of agriculture. Finally we will look at the expansion and rapid advancement of humankind in modern times. The culminating work for this course will be for students to look at the progression of the universe from the beginning in order to predict what might come next.

Part 2 starts Thursday July 5 and ends Friday July 20.