Critical Writing and Reading I Part 2 (7/5-7/20) 12:45pm


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Teacher: to be announced later

The second session of this class will focus on critical reading and writing as applied to literature. The class is planned for grades 6-8, but will be adjusted according the actual level of the class as a whole. Through the analysis of a level appropriate novel or short stories (depending on class interest, level, and reading history), students will learn to see deeper into literature and pull out the pieces hidden in the writing. They will work on writing about what they read and discussing with each other their analysis of the story and its characters.

Elements of the class (subject to adjustment):

  • Analyzing and writing about literature
  • Close reading of novel or short story (level appropriate)
  • Identifying parts of story, foreshadowing, intentionality of characters, plot points, etc
  • Learning how to structure an academic paper
  • Writing a short paper on the piece of literature analyzed as a class

Part 2 starts Thursday July 5 and ends Friday July 20.