Critical Writing and Reading I Module I (6/26-7/7) 12:45pm



Teacher: Nisreen Breik, Whitney Alumna, Freelance Writer, Editor, Photographer

The first session will focus on earning to identify the difference between fact and opinion. The class is planned for grades 6-8, but will be adjusted according the actual level of the class as a whole. Students will learn the language of unbiased, academic, and journalistic writing and how to use it in their own writing. A key element of this class is not only to read and write critically about research and real life events, but also to be critical of news and research by identifying bias.

Elements of the class (subject to adjustment):

  • Differentiating facts from opinions
  • Identifying bias
  • How to identify if a news source is legitimate
  • Writing biased v unbiased sentences and paragraphs
  • Structuring thinking to question personal conclusions and to adopt fact-seeking habits

Module 1 starts Monday June 26 and ends Friday July 7.


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