Heads-Up College Application Writing (6/18-7/3) 12:45pm


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Teacher: Hope Yoneshige, Whitney Alum, College Teacher, Media & Writing Consultant

Taking on the essay portion of a college essay involves more than just good structure (although that is an extremely important component). It is part strategy, part craft and a lot of rewriting. A good writer considers the writing prompts carefully to select which ones best serve their overall application. A good application essay is not merely a superficial response to the prompt but a means to brand a student’s story. It is never an opportunity that should be wasted. Through the personal statement and short answer essays, an admissions reader should glean a real sense of the student and be able to tell whether or not you’re a good fit for the universities they’re applying to. Tone, voice, honesty, passion, goals, the ability to reflect on oneself and one’s experiences all come together to tell a tale. By the time students reach senior year, if they are unable to master these elements, it can be a mad dash to figure out how to navigate the application essays, which further adds to the stress of the application process in the first place. This course is designed to introduce 9th and 10th grade students to writing concepts and strategies to give them a head start in approaching the college application essays.

Lecture topics will include: risk taking with voice, tone and content; how to stand out; how to avoid repetitiveness and being a one trick pony; finding your story even if you don’t think you have one; and what those prompts are really asking. We’ll also engage in some exercises to help students reflect on who they were/are and who they want to be and how all of that relates to what they want to be. And they will write, they will self-edit/peer-edit, and they will rewrite because that’s what all good writers do.

There will be two similar sessions of the class – one starts Monday June 18 and ends Tuesday July 3, another starts Thursday July 5 and ends Friday July 20.
Please take only one session.