Whitney Summer Academy

Enrollment for summer 2018 is open.

This year, Whitney Summer Academy helps you plan the summer break season by splitting the season into two 12-day sessions. The first one starts on Monday June 18 and ends Tuesday July 3. The second one follows immediately after July 4, starting on Thursday July 5 and ending Friday July 20. A student can take one of the sessions or join for both sessions for most of the classes. One exception is the Performing Arts Camp (runs Monday June 18 to Friday July 13, with performances on July 13 and 14. The other exception is RoboCamp that has 3 sessions in the weeks of June 18, June 25 and July 9. See Classes and Sessions page for more information and to see the list of available classes (we added a few new ones!).

The course directory is updated with new classes and new focus for some of the continued classes. We did our best to offer you options that will complement the school year and set students for best chances to succeed next year. The enrollment starts Monday, March 26 this year and ends Friday June 15. We recommend that you enroll early to secure the spot in the classes of your choice. From past years’ experience, Performing Arts Camp fills up quickest, and then does Critical Writing and Reading I. There are two options for the Performing Arts Camp this year (9am and 12:45pm) and three options of Critical Writing and Reading I (8am, 10:15am and 12:45pm), but if you want a specific period it’s a safe choice to enroll right now!

Details for some of the classes are still being finalized, including this year’s curriculum that splits most classes into two independent sessions that build upon each other but can be taken without each other as well. We will be posting detailed information (including finalized teacher assignments) through the rest of March and into April.

Summer Academy is run by Whitney High School, #1 public high school in California and consistent Top20 in the US by many ratings including current US News ranking. In 2018, we are building on the experience of over 10 years of running Summer Academy, as well as information from last years’ surveys of students and parents to offer you the best selection of classes at affordable prices, in convenient time. The program was created by highly acclaimed Whitney staff, and most classes are taught by teachers with years of Whitney experience.

We researched the feedback from parents and students that came in 2016 and 2017, and made some changes to classes. First, we continue focusing on providing fun, hands-on learning that complements the school year program and gives students more chances to truly excel the knowledge and love the subject. We still keep it balanced for summer time, offering a healthy selection of Performing Arts and Life/Study skills classes along with Math, Language Arts, Computer Science and History. We highly encourage you to sign up for the whole day with 3 periods when possible, including two more traditional academic study sessions in the morning, and one outside-of-the-box afternoon session that helps develops a happy, creative, energetic student. However, last year and this year we support the flexibility to sign up only for half of the Summer Academy and still get an experience of a complete course taken from the beginning to an end. Also, we keep adding to the much asked for Science classes, as well as running a full-scale second period for Performing Arts Camp.